How Does Your Garden Grow? (2022)

This original artwork was created digitally with Procreate and Affinity Designer.

I’ve been making random tunes on Logic, GarageBand and other software for years. This is one of those tunes. Sure, it goes for less than a minute and has an ending as abrupt as No Country For Old Men, but I figured that’s just the way it had to be.

I ended up using How Does Your Garden Grow? as the soundtrack to an animation I entered into an online competition. I’m not sure if the soundtrack was a deciding factor, but in any case I ended up winning the competition. 🥳

Although very short, this track was entirely self-produced. I have discovered that a lot of work goes into creating and producing even the shortest tracks, so please consider supporting me by streaming the track online via the link provided (click on the image).

Thanks, jh

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